Kindred Meets is a new kind of parent community, one which supports new parents and helps them to give their baby the best start in life. A community where kindred minds can meet, learn and share in experiences of parenthood.



Our aim is to empower parents to feel better informed and connected to each other and to their local community. In those first precious months of parenthood, life can feel a little bit foggy and overwhelming, sometimes the hours disappear quickly while you feel like you have achieved very little. So finding the time to do baby research, and to seek out and trial the numerous baby groups and services available to you can feel like a tiring task.

That’s why you’ll love Kindred Meets - we’ve done all the hard work by arranging for a variety of local classes and postnatal specialists to come to you. All of this will be shared with your kin - a network of parents in the same position as you are.

We believe in the power of community, and in supporting every part of our community. Because when we join together, we can create something pretty special; and our aim is to help you to make those first precious months of parenthood extra special.


our programME

Our 8 week programme of sociable meetings will provide you with everything you need during your maternity/paternity leave. We have selected partners which fit into our Kindred Meets framework, with the aim that we are providing a balanced and holistic experience for you and your baby.

We believe that there are four core areas which, if balanced correctly, make us feel content, confident and supported as new parents. These are Health & Wellbeing, Creativity, Practical knowledge and an understanding of babies Development.

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing could arguably be the most important of our 4 framework categories for new parents.

Welcoming a new little being into your life immediately seems to move YOU down the priority list. We’re all guilty of it, when actually focussing on your own health and wellbeing should be an important part of becoming a parent.

Whether it’s taking a few minutes for meditation or yoga, understanding how your diet affects your mind and body or finding support from your partner to carve out some you-time to take a bath, read a book or get some fresh air - if you feel good, your baby will also reap the benefits.


Creativity is often at its best when its just simply doing something for the enjoyment and fun of it and for your own wellbeing. It is about play, taking risks, having a go, not worrying about the why. And there are numerous benefits of exploring creativity both as a parent and for your baby.

Creative play can enhance the development of sensory exploration and motor skills through repetition of basic physical skills, even for a young baby. As well as the physical benefits, play fosters mental development and encourages babies and children to think and problem solve as they learn shapes, spatial awareness and physical properties.

From the moment babies are born, they benefit from social interactions and creative play helps them to recognise and understand their feelings. Babies and children are naturally creative, so it's important to encourage this creativity and allow them to express themselves whether it be through music, imaginative or physical play.


Practical knowledge of how to care for yourself and your baby is an essential part of being a parent, and like all knowledge it needs to be learnt.

Taking the time to learn key safety skills will provide the reassurance you need to feel confident in providing care for your baby. We are bringing you a paediatric first aid class, to provide you with an introduction to how you can look after your baby in an emergency.

How to carry your baby safely not only ensures that they are properly supported, but it also protects you from potential strain and injury. Hosting one of our classes will be a baby-wearing specialist who can answer your questions and talk through some crucial baby-wearing tips.


Babies all develop at their own rate, and it’s a beautiful part of being a parent to support and nurture their development and habits. One of the biggest joys and challenges of parenthood is establishing communication with your baby, whether it’s reading their cues for feeding or understanding their sleep cycles, it can be a steep learning curve.

There are ways and means by which we can play an active role in supporting our babies to develop key skills and behaviours. And we will be bringing you specialist advice and tools in 2 key development areas - communication and sleeping/eating habits.