Paediatric First Aid with Emergency First Aid Ltd.

Our week with Emergency First Aid was both enlightening and alarming - nobody wants to imagine incidents where you might need a good knowledge of first aid, especially when it comes to your children, but this class made us realise how important it is to at least have a handle on the basics. 

Emergency First Aid have been teaching parents and businesses ‘How to Save a Life’ for over 14 years, fronted by Danny Hyde, a father of 2 boys.  Danny himself has taught over 4000 Walthamstow parents! Our audience found that Danny’s delivery of the class as a father, as well as a qualified first aid practitioner, was the ideal balance of practicality and realism - it’s easy to know what you are supposed to do in an emergency, but when it’s your family or a situation that requires quick thinking, it can be difficult to think straight. Emergency First Aid aim to help you remember the basics and the most important actions needed to keep a child or adult alive until help arrives.

Figures show that 140,000 people in the UK die, every year, in situations which basic first aid could have prevented. Danny demonstrated the best way to perform CPR, as a way to keep oxygen flowing to the brain, and we learnt that even after 90 minutes of CPR, a person could make a full recovery as the brain has been kept alive by the manual pumping of oxygen via CPR. 

We also learnt about the safest positions for children and adults when unconscious or having a seizure followed by the topic that we were all desperate to get our heads around as we embark on our weaning journeys - how to save a choking child. 

Having an understanding of first aid in case of emergency can help you stay calm and manage a situation confidently. Most of us in the class felt surprised at ourselves for not learning the basics sooner - but it’s never too late to educate yourself! 

Emergency First Aid provide a 2 hour life saving course for families and new parents that can be held in your home with no limit on the number of attendees, the cost is £20 per adult and bookings can be made by contacting Danny 

Thank you Danny for a thorough and enlightening class! 

Words by Natalie, inspired by a first aid class.