Creativity with 64 Million Artists

Creativity is often at its best when it’s just simply doing something for the enjoyment and fun of it and for your own wellbeing. It is about play, taking risks, having a go, not worrying about the why. And there are numerous benefits of exploring creativity both as a parent and for your baby.

We invited 64 Million Artists in to host a creativity session, with the focus being on how incorporating a little creativity into your routine can support your wellbeing. Wellbeing is something that we know is especially important to focus on as a Mum - so a little creativity ticks the self care box that we learnt all about in week one in our session with Calm Mutha.

A highlight of the workshop was a simple challenge - write about your week in 6 words. Like the Hemingway 6-word story, you can say a lot with so few words. And it really helps you to focus on what you want to communicate, and the best words to do it. I was just back from holiday, and struggling to get back into normal life, so my 6 word story was: Holiday over, bags still unpacked. Help!

64 Million Artists believe that everyone is creative and that when we use our creativity we can make positive change in our lives and the world around us. We couldn’t agree more! And it makes sense that allowing your baby the space to explore their creativity as they grow, will hopefully be the beginnings of a lifetime of creative practice.

Creative play can enhance the development of sensory exploration and motor skills through repetition of basic physical skills, even for a young baby. As well as the physical benefits, play fosters mental development and encourages babies and children to think and problem solve as they learn shapes, spatial awareness and physical properties.

From the moment babies are born, they benefit from social interactions and creative play helps them to recognise and understand their feelings. Babies and children are naturally creative, so it's important to encourage this creativity and allow them to express themselves whether it be through music, imaginative or physical play.

An easy way to begin your own creativity journey is to take part in their weekly challenge, for which there is a great bank of resources at

Or opt for their January challenge, which is a lovely positive way to start the year.

Words by Clare, inspired by a workshop with 64 Million Artists