Music workshop with Bongalong

When we created Kindred Meets, we chose the topics and themes of our Meets based on a carefully considered framework, with the aim to provide a balanced and holistic experience for parent and baby. Last week, we bopped and sang along to a carnival style music session from Bongalong, with music falling under the Creative category of our framework. We chose to partner with Bongalong because as a company working with young children as well as babies and toddlers, they have a brilliant philosophy - it’s ‘not about how well a child ‘performs’. As long as he or she is attending regularly, whether they are passive or active, they will gain. We encourage but we do not impose any pressure.’

Through a fun and varied class we were taken on a journey through singing, music, dance and drama. We all noticed how the babies observed the movement and sounds of the varied and unusual instruments, and how the room quietened as Clare from Bongalong soothed and entertained us all with her beautiful voice. The class also included some all important stretches to benefit our own bodies - something we know the importance of following our self-care session from week one.

It’s no surprise that music is so beneficial to our own wellbeing, we all know how music can improve our mood, and there’s scientific evidence to support it. The ‘feel-good’ neurochemical dopamine is released when we satisfy some of our necessary desires such as sleeping and eating and it is also released when we experience pleasure and reward, such as listening to music. By singing and dancing to our favourite music, we are also releasing endorphins and oxytocin. And the same chemical reaction happens for babies too, so of course babies love Bongalong!

As well as the feel good stuff, there’s also the developmental benefits - studies have found that music strengthens cognitive and sensory development - it helps with memory, creativity and self expression. It’s a win-win to take a music class with your baby, and Bongalong is also a fantastic sensory experience with props to help set the scene for brilliant music-making. Bongalong offer a range of classes for all age ranges, and they create a positive, creative and secure environment so that music can be explored and enjoyed by both children and their parents. Here at Kindred Meets HQ, we were so inspired by the class that we’ve been singing and dancing with our babes all week!

Words by Clare & Natalie, inspired by a Bongalong music class

Bongalong - music classes for babies, toddlers and young children