Baby-signing with Tiny Talk

One of the biggest joys and challenges of parenthood is establishing communication with your baby, whether it’s reading their cues for feeding or understanding their sleep cycles, it can be a steep learning curve. There are ways and means by which we can play an active role in supporting our babies to develop key skills and behaviours. One of which is baby-signing, so we partnered with Tiny Talk to showcase a baby-signing class for our Kindred Meets mum’s.

Why should we use sign language with our babies? Because a signing baby can tell you what they’re thinking about, what they want, how they’re feeling or what they’re looking at, all before they can talk. It gives parents and carers a window to their babies mind, so they don’t need to ‘guess the cry’. Signing gives babies an early understanding of language and expressing themselves and studies have shown that signing babies tend to talk earlier than babies who have not been using sign language. The way that Tiny Talk works is that they ‘ALWAYS teach signs with speech, showing our babies how to make the signs and how to say the words, many of our signing babies also start to make early attempts at initial speech sounds, e.g. 'm' for 'Mummy', when they're making the signs’. You can start teaching your baby sign language from 3 months and some babies will understand from 6 months, often using an array of signs by 9 months.

Tiny Talk was born in 2002, and has introduced baby signing to the nation! We met Rose, who manages Walthamstow and Leytonstone areas, when we attended a class whilst we were researching for our Kindred Meets program. We quickly realised that baby-signing is something we should be doing already! Me and my baby Quinn are at the start of our baby signing journey, and what I like about the classes is seeing the babies, who have been attending the class for a while, starting to sign. Rose leads the class through a number of songs, using various fun animal props and books to help with association. And after class, there is time for a cuppa and playtime which is always welcome!

Rose runs classes in:

  • Leytonstone - Tues 10:00-11:00

  • Walthamstow - Weds 13:00-14:00 & 14:15-15:15

You can book classes via

Words by Clare, inspired by a Tiny Talk class