Baby-wearing in winter

It's always such a pleasure welcoming Sally and Maria from Buddha Baby and Sling Swing into our Kindred Meets community. Seeing the smiles on mums and babies faces as they dance and cuddle through a variety of fun songs, really warms our hearts.  Every mum on maternity leave should have the opportunity to join a Sling Swing class, it's uplifting, good exercise and a real bonding experience to share with your baby.

Sally runs Buddha Baby in Wanstead where she offers baby massage, baby yoga and baby music classes regularly throughout the week. Sally is also a trained baby-wearing consultant, a service that parents don't know they need until they have it! There are a lot of incorrect ways to wear a sling or carrier and Sally can help you achieve maximum safety and comfort allowing you to continue wearing your child until they are 4+ years old!

Follow Buddha Baby's FaceBook page for weekly mini-blog features sharing the tips and tricks of baby-wearing. We're excited that Sally has shared her tips for baby-wearing through winter with us at Kindred Meets - seems very fitting for this cold and snowy weather!

Baby-wearing in winter by Sally Martin of Buddha Baby Wanstead

Going for a winter walk is a lovely thing to do with your baby and many of my clients ask advice about how to dress their baby (and themselves) when using a sling/carrier in colder weather.
So here are a few top tips to keep your baby comfy and cosy in their sling or carrier during the winter:
* Keeping your baby close to your body helps regulate their body temperature so don't put too many layers between both your bodies
* Dress your baby in thinner layers of clothing so you can add or remove a layer when needed
* Remember your sling carrier counts as a layer/layers too... so no need to bulk up too much underneath
* Protect the extremities - pop on a woolly hat to keep your baby's head and ears warm; leg warmers, thigh socks or Velcro furry booties keep feet and toes toastie
* Avoid bulky coats and PVC snowsuits - they make it difficult to correctly position your baby and can easily make your baby too hot and sweaty
* If it’s super cold (snowing 🌨) a thin furry fleece that covers the whole body can provide extra snugness
* Buy a big coat to fit over your carrier and around you both to help conserve your shared body warmth

Have fun and enjoy sharing all the winter wonders together!

Thank you for sharing with us Sally!

So now that you know how to correctly wear your baby during this cold weather, we'll be seeing you at our local Sling Swing class!