Kindred Meets is proud to be partnering with some of the best postnatal specialists in Walthamstow. Covering our four core areas, we are providing you a balanced and holistic experience across Health & Wellbeing, Creativity, Practical knowledge and an understanding of babies Development.


Baby Sensory is a world filled with light shows, music, glowing bouncy balls, bubbles, songs, rainbows, puppets and tickly feathers. Our multi-award winning, carefully structured sessions provide ideas for play, exercise, massage and communication techniques, taught in simple, practical ways that can easily be repeated at home. A Baby Sensory Class is a particularly sociable event, where strong friendships are soon formed. For if you're sitting next to a mum whose baby is just two days younger than yours, you'll probably find you've got a lot in common.


Bongalong, Music Movement and Make Believe are fun, engaging, creative music sessions for you and your child to enjoy together.  There are sessions for under 5s and also sessions specifically for under ones. All our classes have elements of movement, singing, dance and drama. The instrument section uses beautiful percussion instruments - real instruments to create quality sounds.

Bump Stretch Move

Bump Stretch Move is dedicated to helping pregnant women understand their bodies better so that they can make informed choices about their birth and postnatal recovery. Our postnatal recovery classes and courses are designed to help you get back in to exercise safely and deal with the physical demands of motherhood. Bump Stretch Move is owned by Lily Dettmer, a pre and postnatal Pilates and fitness specialist with expertise in Pelvic Floor health, Diastasis Recti and abdominal healing and functional movement for mums. She runs classes and courses in East London and is mum to a heavy one year old boy.

Insta, FB and twitter: @Bumpstretchmove

Calm Mutha

Maria Banobre (BA (hons) Dip) is an Antenatal and Birth Coach, NLP Mother Empowerment Life Coach, and Postpartum Doula.
Through her informative, honest and empowering courses, inspiring workshops and practical and effective toolkit, Maria’s mission is to support you in stepping into your power as a woman and a mother – her unique warmth, openness and passion gently aids you to engage with your true essence within, allowing profound, transformative change.

Her insights have been featured in Stylist magazine, The Debrief, Women’s Health Magazine and The Headspace Podcast.

Creation Station

Creation Station Wanstead provides a fun, safe and social space for parents and children to unleash their creativity!

We promote learning through creative play, with the promise of taking home something to treasure (plus no cleaning up for you!)

From your baby’s first footprint to their evolving masterpieces, watch your little one grow!


Danny Hyde is the Director of Emergency First Aid Ltd and has over 13 years experience in the Emergency Services.

EFA Ltd strongly believes that everyone should know how to Save a Life. The training style is keep it simple and be prepared for how much pressure you would be under in real life.

The "You Can Save a Life" Campaign has been running for 5 years teaching new Parents how to look after their little ones in an emergency.

Danny lives in Loughton, is married, and a dad to two young boys.

Marta is a leading Paediatric Gentle Sleep Consultant ® . She spends her time supporting sleepy parents to help their children become confident sleepers without tears. Her evidence-based, effective, easy to follow methods are the result of over 10 years working with parents and her own experience with her three sleep resistant children.

Gentle Sleep Consultant ® strategies are based on the latest evidence on sleep, attachment and brain development. By using them you will be able to support your baby to become a confident sleeper without tears.

Marta understands how difficult it can be to navigate the sea of generic information on baby sleep available to parents. By working with Marta, you will have bespoke advice and be guided every step of the way. More importantly you will be well rested and ready to enjoy parenting to the max!


Happy Tums is here to help you make your baby's transition to solid foods easy, fun and healthy! Happy Tums is owned and run by Nicola and Theresa, both mums and Registered Nutritionists who are passionate about helping you provide the best start for your little ones by ensuring they are eating healthy, delicious and easy to prepare foods. Between them, they have a wealth of experience in the fields of nutrition, food product development and teaching healthy eating.


The classes are a lovely combination of Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Postnatal Stretches for mothers, partners (male or female) are welcome too!

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga is a wonderful way to bond with your baby plus give physical and emotional benefits for both of you. Babies are calmer and sleep better and are generally more supple and stronger after these classes. They increase their co-ordination abilities and their nervous system is developed. We also teach a colic routine that is ideal to help babies with digestive problems.

The benefits for mums are the increased confidence in handling their babies plus more awareness of how to soothe an upset baby. You also get to do some gentle post natal yoga-type stretches plus make friends with the other mums.

Little Signers Club

Hi, I’m Jo, your baby signing teacher for North London. I started signing with my son when he was six months old and he quickly recognised the signs for “bath time” and “milk”, with “food” and “drink” and “nappy change” following swiftly after. He is now approaching
18 months and still resolutely ignores the sign for “bed time”…

In my classes we explore key signs to help you and your baby communicate before they can talk. We look at the theory and research behind signing with hearing children. You'll learn how signing with your little one can help with bonding, can support respectful parenting techniques
and will have a positive impact on your life-long relationship with your little one.

I will help you learn the signs which will set your little one free - you'll be amazed at how chatty they are once they start signing, and the skills you learn together will give them up to 18 months head start in their language and literacy skills development. AND, as
if that wasn't enough, we will have lots of fun and learn a valuable and beautiful new language together. I look forward to meeting you and your little one soon and sharing the signing fun!


The Mothers Wheel

Natalie and Clare founded Kindred Meets in 2018 because they felt a strong desire to bring parents together across their communities; to share the joys and challenges of a child's momentous first 12 months.

Following the launch of Kindred Meets, it soon became clear that Mums need support outside of their parenting responsibilities. Calling on 15+ years of HR and coaching experience, Natalie launched 1:1 sessions, that support Mums as they return to work, or consider making a career change. As this service has evolved, the call for additional coaching and support with post maternity decisions has also grown. We're excited to host this group session, giving Natalie the opportunity to introduce techniques and advice, designed to help Mums to take on professional challenges with confidence.


Victoria Wakefield is a senior paediatric registrar living in London and working for the NHS in hospitals across the capital. She has been a paediatric doctor for over 10 years and has a special interest in paediatric emergency medicine.  
Vicky is also a mother of 2 young kids, so more than most understands the importance of parents and carers of children being empowered with the knowledge of how to administer first aid for a variety of common paediatric emergencies.

Oncall Mummy offers first aid training to parents and carers by paediatric doctors in an open and friendly environment with the added aim of imparting some invaluable paediatric pearls of wisdom.

Procreations high-res.jpg


Procreations is a baby group with a difference, because it's not actually for babies at all. It's for YOU! 

Procreations is a friendly, warm and welcoming space where two local mums, Lauren and Claire, run craft workshops.  

It's very simple: adults craft, babies play. During these workshops, parents have the opportunity to learn new crafting techniques that will inspire and get the creative juices flowing once again. 

We make things to brighten up your walls, garden and babies wardrobe with techniques including tie dye, macramé plant hangers and weave. All materials are provided and each craft is uniquely designed in order to achieve completion within the hour, while entertaining a tiny human. With a selection of toys and a safe, comfortable space for 0-12 month babies to play, Procreations will bring a welcome dose of fun and creativity into your week.  

Psychologically Minded

Psychologically minded provides evidence based interventions to help you become the mother or father you want to be for your child. We aim to skill you as a parent with the necessary tools to provide a safe, happy and healthy environment where your child feels secure and reaches their potential. We provide support around mental health, tailored to your needs and the needs of your family. We provide one to one support and group workshops around parenting techniques, promotion of mental health and gentle sleep interventions as well as talking therapies for adults, young people and children. 


Dance and bond with your baby at these fun and funky classes where your baby is your dance partner!  Sling Swing includes specially choreographed routines with gentle movement suitable for babies and post-natal fitness.  Expect classic and up-to-date chart tunes; 'themed' courses over a five week duration; a friendly welcome and professionally trained teachers who can help fit baby slings safely and comfortably and positive mental uplift! Classes are fun, friendly and relaxed - no previous experience of dance required - just a love of a little bop and babywearing… or a willingness to ‘give it a go’.

Sling Swing East London is part of the Buddha Baby brand, an independent, small business, established since 2007 providing high quality classes, workshops, holistic massage treatments and products.

Sonya Elnaschie (BSc Hons) is a Medical Herbalist, Physiotherapist and Baby Massage Instructor.  Sonya loves working with children and parents to support their health and development. Having spent many years working in the NHS, she is passionate about promoting self-care and empowering people to make positive choices for themselves and their families.  

Baby massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby, increase your confidence as a new parent and reduce stress in both baby and caregiver.  Baby massage also provides physical benefits such as aiding with colic, supporting the development of coordination and nervous system and improved sleep.  Sonya also incorporates easy to use herbal tips that you can take home and use safely and confidently with your little ones.

Sonya runs her private practice in Leyton and Walthamstow, offering baby massage and herbal medicine consultations with a special interest in women's health, paediatrics and autoimmune conditions.  For more information, visit

Veronika Speigl

Veronika photographs your pregnancy, babies, kids and families. She is also an architectural and location photographer, which helps her to choose the right spots in your house or favourite places.

As an experienced photographer and mother of two she’s used to handling most situations that are thrown her way. She’s always inventive in ways to  find the best angle and never accepts the first option. Veronika's shoots are relaxed, there’s always time for a feed or a sleep and for kids to have a break.

Wrap a Hug

Wrap a Hug is a sling library and consultancy based in east London. It is ran by Mel, mama of two boys, certified babywearing consultant who is really passionate about supporting new and expectant parents. Wrap a hug is a place where you can get information about and try different kinds of wraps and slings and find the one that suits you and your baby best. We stock a wide range of slings and carriers so you can find the one that works for you! We are here to offer advice and help parents becoming confident babywearers.
At Wrap a hug, we offer free follow-up because we want to accompany you in your babywearing journey, whether you book a short library slot or a series of private consultations.

We offer different types of services to meet your needs, whether you are new to babywearing an experienced wrapper or sling user who wants to try different carries or slings.

We run a regular a sling library service on various sites, workshops, info sessions and private consultations. We also co-run Tower Hamlets Family meet-up, a free monthly event where perinatal and early years professionals come to meet new or expectant parents to support them on their parenthood journey.